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APPLICANT BRIEFING : ICSF Farming Innovation Pathways (Feasibility and Industrial Research) - Shared screen with speaker view
pete berry
Please can you confirm how many bids a company can submit to this competition. Can 3 bids be submitted to both of the strands (Feasibility or Industrial Research), so a maximum of 6 bids in total?
sam Hoste
can insect farms be included?
Rachel Mallet
Please can you put the link in the chat?
David Telford
11th March Consortia Building Event: https://ktn-uk.org/events/farming-innovation-pathways-fip-competition/
baihua Li
We work in AI and big data at Loughborough University. We would like to team with industry and develop proposals. Please contact Dr. Li, b.li@lboro.ac.uk
Richard Harvey
If you would like to work with Cambridge, Lincoln or UEA then you are very welcome to contact our team mentioned here: https://agriforwards-cdt.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk. We have a robot farm, a food manufacturing centre (at Holbeach) plus the usual labs in plant biology etc. By all means contact me, Richard Harvey (I am a Professor of Computer Vision at UEA) on r.w.harvey@uea.ac.uk and I’ll try to speedily put you in touch.
Alli Grundy
Can you please confirm the word count per question?
David Telford
There is a Transforming Food Production Consortia Building Group on LinkedIn, to aid partnering and hosting competition information: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13773250/
sam Hoste
Many farming businesses are Partnerships. Are these excluded from obtaining funding?
Fawzi A.C.
What about market research costs? are they elligble?
Lydia Weir-Blankenstein
Please put all questions in the Q&A box as they got lost in the discussion if typed here'
Ze Ji
This is Ze Ji and Juan Hernandez Vega from Cardiff University (jiz1@cardiff.ac.uk, HernandezVegaJ@cardiff.ac.uk). Our interests lie in robotics, autonomous systems, autonomous navigation and manipulation, AI, computer vision, etc and their applications for real-world farming challenges. We have state-of-the-art facilities of robot manipulators, mobile robots, sensors etc . Please feel free to contact us to discuss. https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/people/view/542654-ji-ze and https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/people/view/2488123-hernandez-vega-juan
Alli Grundy
What is the minimum score you have to achieve to be successful?
Lydia Weir-Blankenstein
Please put all questions in the Q&A box as they got lost in the discussion if typed here
Lydia Weir-Blankenstein
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Ramakrishnan Ramanathan
We are from the University of Bedfordshire, specialising on the use of sensors and big data in agribusinesses. Please see our REAMIT project website www.reamit.eu. If you wish to collaborate with us, please contact me, ram.ramanathan@beds.ac.uk.
Sherin Mathew
Can collaborators be individuals from outside the UK supporting our UK based organisation?
Matt Jones
Hi All- Up at the University of Glasgow we’re experts in plant photobiology- we’re happy to contribute to projects looking at supplemental lighting and CEA-related projects: matt.jones@glasgow.ac.uk www.mattjoneslab.com
Helen Glass
SAOS members are agri coops in coops and if you need to engage with farmers either within coops or as individuals as part of your consortia please do get in touch . We have expertise and track record in managing demonstration farms for new technologies and end user engagement.
inge hill
Helen - please get in touch inge.hill@rau.ac.uk
Lydia Weir-Blankenstein
***Please put all questions in the Q&A box as they got lost in the discussion if typed here***
Lydia Weir-Blankenstein
We are working through all the questions so I am sure we will get to yours soon. Thank you for your patience
Giovanni Montefiori
Hi Helen - please also get in touch. info@beakbooklimited.com
Lydia Weir-Blankenstein
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Fiona Kenyon
Hi We're at the Moredun Research Institute in Scotland, experts in livestock animal health and welfare, so please get in touch if you are looking for collaboration in those areas. Thanks
Norbert Sagnard
Hello, we are keen to explore the opportunities that exist to sustainably intensify food and fiber production by significantly increasing fertilizer and water use efficiencies across the UK through revolutionary advancements in in-soil sensing and wireless connectivity, if interested please contact me with a view of participating in this competition, n.sagnard@qub.ac.uk (Norbert Sagnard, Queen's University Belfast)
Daniel Ellis
Hi All, Business that is happy to partner up with Academia and Research organisations we have funding so looking for interesting projects and joining collaborations our whole focus is farming and production. Drop me an email personally danielellis96@aol.com and we can talk about working together.
Michael McWhinney
Thank you all, very clear and good, Best regards Michael McWhinney
Andrew Jones
Thank u!
Benjamin Knowles
Thank you all
Duncan Westbury
Thanks a lot, most useful!
Edward Whittaker