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Insight Session I: Supporting Innovation in the Creative Industries - Shared screen with speaker view
Kate Yarrington
Question for Ali in panel - is there anything agencies can do to improve the support design specifically for creative industries?
Maxine Adam - Innovate UK UKRI
It is shame those of us on line cannot show our appreciation vocally for the presentations . Many thanks Ali . Such a great story
Sophie Mifsud
Thanks Maxine - I will share your appreciation with Ali!
Sophie Mifsud
Please feel free to post any questions for our speakers in the chat for the panel discussion.
Kate Yarrington
Question for whole panel - do you think every sector needs bespoke (special) design of innovation support to suit their needs, or are there just a few sectors which have special needs (and if so which sectors are these?)?
Pål Aslak Hungnes
Like David said in his introducion today, meny of our programs are neutral to sectors ex ante. The ex post statistics however, shows that creative industries like ICT, the engineering and other professional R&D&I supportive services and manufacturing industy "wins" the competition. When you talk about missions like "health" or "renewable energy" for instance, I guess business' from most sectors will contribute to sustainable solutions? So perhaps the use of the term "sector" is somewhat unclear?
Kate Yarrington
Good point about the variety on contributory sectors. Another question, for Laurent and Barbara - the global covid response on healthcare shows what can be achieved at speed when necessary. Is learning from this going to change how you design innovation support for healthcare in the future?
Kate Yarrington
Thank you to the panel for their very interesting responses.
Cathinka Holtermann
Thanks a lot to the panel and all of you at Innovate UK!
Laurent Saunier, Vinnova
Many thanks again for this opportunity to learn from each other. And I wish you all a great evening!
Barbara Grau
Thank you all! It was very nice to be with you (even on-line). See you soon in person!
Many thanks to all of you. Very good discussion.