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Biomedical Catalyst Early and Late Stage 2020 Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Rob Bevan
Many SMEs work with specialist OEMs for device manufacture, certified test centres for pre-clinical testing and CRO’s/specialist centres for clinical studies. These subcontracts can represent a significant proportion of early/late stage development costs (e.g. 50% - 70% of project costs). Is it viewed negatively if a significant proportion (e.g. >50%) of a partners or the projects costs lie in subcontracts? Assuming of course these are all justified and necessary for the project.
Rob Bevan
How is it viewed if a partners preferred subcontractor lies outside the UK? Is it OK to choose a non-UK subcontractor on the basis that they offer better value for money? For example, there might be a UK subcontractor that can offer the minimum quality of service required; however, a non-UK subcontractor might deliver a higher quality or additional offerings that add significant value to the project.
Rob Bevan
To achieve readiness for clinical studies, it is often necessary to transfer manufacture to pilot line. This can represent quite a significant cost. Are such activities eligible?