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CEEDS Seminar: Hands across the disciplines - how data science has helped atmospheric science and associated societal challenges - Shared screen with speaker view
Flynn Banin, Lindsay
Please do use the chat function to pose questions during the talks!
Tomlinson, Sam J.
Lily; i would say that NOx emissions are an important aspect of the O3 concentrations, as it is both a precursor (day) and a quencher (night) - i dont have a feel for how this might effect extreme values! thanks for the interesting talk
Thanks, Sam. I agree that NOx emissions are an important driver of ozone concentrations, and I’m hoping to quantify their effect on ozone extremes in future work!
Tomlinson, Sam J.
Pete - we can definitely improve the shipping data if we can get increased access to AIS tracking data
Thompson, Jill
thanks to the speakers and organizers.
Tso, Michael
I agree with Cristina, R shiny makes creating apps doable for scientists and prototyping much easier. But some framework to turn them into bespoke UI will be very helpful. As UKCEH (and LU) are creating more apps, we should think about branding too
David Odee
Thanks to the speakers for the very interesting talks
Maria Salama
thanks to the speakers and organisers