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Smart Grants May - Shared screen with speaker view
Arman Sissengaliyev
Hello! I'm Arman from Granted Consultancy, we are a team of grant writers, funding advisors, project managers and R&D tax credit experts. Feel free to contact us if you need advice or support applying for a grant.
Richard Kauffmann -Innovate UK Edge
Good afternoon everyone. I'm Richard from Innovate UK EDGE SE Looking to connect with any South East businesses who are interested in applying for a Smart Grant. Add me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardkauffmann/
Steve Hargreaves - Staffordshire University
Hi All, I am Steve from Staffordshire University. We work with employers on innovation projects and will happily consider becoming a partner on smart grant applicants where we can add value. Happy to discuss steve.hargreaves@staffs.ac.uk
@Steve, thats great to hear. Do you know if other universities offer similar collaborative opportunities?
Chris Speakman
Hi All, feel free to add me on LinkedIn if you require further expert knowledge with funding application support : https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-speakman-75642332/
Phil Leigh RTC North
Hi All, I am Phil from Innovate UK EDGE North looking to connect with any Northern England based SMEs who are interested to apply for a Smart Grant. Contact me via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phil-leigh-8747851a/
Ifeoma Ogbunugafor
Hi, Richard & Phil. Thank you for sharing this. I’m interested in connecting with a colleague yours in Scotland.