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APPLICANT BRIEFING : 1130 : Automotive Transformation Fund Scale up Readiness Validation (SuRV) - Shared screen with speaker view
Paul Croft
Fine here too
Bronte Hobson-Scott
All fine here.
Stelios Karagiorgis
Would a pilot battery recycling plant and associated R&D be in scope?
Yuchen Gu
Good morning, we are SETsquared Partnership - an enterprise collaboration of Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey. If you are an SME looking for academic collaborators, professional bid writing support, and private investment, please contact: yuchen.gu@setsquared.co.uk
Oliver Clifford
Hi, in terms of 're-engineer existing processes', would vehicle part remanufacture or
Stelios Karagiorgis
2. Is this part of a series of competition i.e. is there a plan for SuRV 2 to follow?
Stelios Karagiorgis
3. When would the briefing pack and briefing webinar be available on-demand?
Lewis Needham
Is capital expenditure an eligible cost for this competition?
Les Gill
lewis not normally
Les Gill
but ive asked the same question n the Q&A
Lewis Needham
Thanks Les
Zoe Hall
Could I ask that you put Questions into the Q&A rather than chat and we can respond there - Many Thanks
Gary Offord
Good morning, The National Composites Centre https://www.nccuk.com/ is a leading RTO with extensive experience of Innovate UK projects and expertise in Composites, Digital engineering, Sustainability and Hydrogen. Please get in contact with our Surface Transport team if you would like to discuss collaborative opportunities.
Gary Offord
Mark Clayton
Will do. Thanks Andy
James Logan
The KTN team are always good to talk to ref external bid writing capability and top tips etc. Additionally the HVM Catapult centres; MTC, NCC, CPI etc, also have good resources and expertise around this, both internal and external resources.
James Logan
Ref the Capital costs debate. I think it is unlikely this programme will fund large capital costs per se, the I-UK funding rules only allow claims for use of the capital - generally measured using any individual companies depreciation rate policy.
Khadija Tahera
I am Khadija Tahera, a Lecturer in operations and supply chain management at the Open University. I research the digital transformation of testing processes in manufacturing. My research is in “Improving testing, verification and validation process in engineering manufacturing”, focusing on the challenges now industries face in adopting new technologies and how we can support the process as academics, especially through digital transformation. Please get in touch with khadija.tahera@open.ac.uk
George Taylor
No problem, thanks