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APPLICANT BRIEFING : 1094 : Automotive Transformation Fund Feasibility Studies Round 3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Alistair Barnes - Innovate UK UKRI
Hi Mid Ulster Motorcycles. Thanks for your question. It is likely to depend on what you mean by 'development'. The focus of the competition is on business case feasibility studies for significant scale up of the electrified supply chain. Whilst motorcycles are not excluded from scope, from your question it sounds like your project is R&D, which is not in scope. Happy to discuss further in a less public forum if needed, via support@iuk.ukri.org or info@apcuk.co.uk. Sorry for the delay in replying.
Mid Ulster Motorcycles
No isn't R and D is decarbonising area and integrating electric motorbikes into community to develop interest in decarbonising transport, thanks for reply, will email and say hello, thanks David
Alistair Barnes - Innovate UK UKRI
Mid Ulster Motorcycles - thanks for clarifying. This sounds like it is too indirect to 'develop large scale manufacturing facilities in the UK', however we can discuss further as required.
Mid Ulster Motorcycles
Ok, that is very useful, what about vehicle fleet conversion to electric and/or classic cars?
Alistair Barnes - Innovate UK UKRI
Mid Ulster Motorcycles - I fear that would not be close enough to the 'supply chain' element of ATF.
Cavit Seref
I have innovated an "exclusive gear usage technic", I have been planning to apply to your Funding Competition "Automotive Transformation Fund Expression of Interest: Round 18".Briefly, my invention of "gear usage technic" is an unprecedented one which substantially succeeds syncronious increase of the regular spin & torque on the end shaft of any running mechanism without any extra and any external input energy source.Subsequently, it fundamentally sustains much lesser use of input energy in the technological products as like any kind of vehicles and mechanical gear systems despite it is able to increase the spin & torque on the end shaft of the motor.I have already implemented and adapted the quoted gear system in to a small hobby electric motor for a demonsration or test.I am not familiar with your rules and am not highly sufficient in properly supplying the required informaton / descriptions in the application process, so I kindly request yourselves to lead and direct me for a successful result.
Mid Ulster Motorcycles
gotcha, what about cobalt mining?
Andy Gwilliam
@Cavit Seref Your first step on an ATF EOI is to enter your details via the ATF funding tool on the website. Please send your details to atf@apcuk.co.uk and someone from our team will be in touch to advise you
Alistair Barnes - Innovate UK UKRI
Hi Cavit, I'm aware you're already in dialogue with the Innovate UK support team. You can also ask specific questions via reply to that email.
Alistair Barnes - Innovate UK UKRI
Mid Ulster Motorcycles. We are unable to support feasibility studies for cobalt mining overseas. Processing and refining certain minerals (in the UK) may be in scope when it involves UK investments, but I would encourage you to have another read of the competition scope here: https://apply-for-innovation-funding.service.gov.uk/competition/1094/overview#scope
Cavit Seref
Dear Andy, thanks for your attention and suggestion. I will send details to the quoted e-mail. öeantime, i still wait for the e-mail confirmation from Innovation Funding Service to comlete my signing up.
Cavit Seref
Dear Alistair, yes, i m in contact with the Innovate UK support team. But, unfortunately, i could not get a proper solution and today they adviced me to joşn to this webinar.
Alistair Barnes - Innovate UK UKRI
Hi Cavit, if you are struggling with registering for IFS then please make this clear and they will help. You can make a note of my name if useful, but the customer service team are the best place to get help with an IFS account.
Mark Clayton - Tatton
Thanks for the answer
Cavit Seref
Hi Alistair. thx 4 ur suggestion. I will send an e-mail to IFS.