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APPLICANT BRIEFING 1123: Farming Innovation Programme - large R&D partnership projects - Shared screen with speaker view
Sandra Callwood
Jane Dalton
Sam Laing
Aurélie Bovi
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Ken Garner
Good morning everyone
Yuchen Gu
Good morning everyone, we are SETsquared Partnership - an enterprise collaboration of the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey. If you are an SME looking for academic collaborators, professional bid writing support, and private investment, please contact: yuchen.gu@setsquared.co.uk
Natalie Gray - Innovate UK
Please add all questions to the Q&A and we will come to these at the end. Thanks
Kaeli Johnson
Registration details for 20th April consortia-building workshop for Large R&D Partnership Projects: https://ktn-uk.org/events/farming-innovation-programme-large-rd-partnership-projects
Mangesh Gharfalkar
Good morning everyone. Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) can offer research support under both the calls for innovation in the farm sector e.g use of advanced robotics in fruit picking, sustainable farming, use of sensors & smart technology in improving farm productivity, use of UAVs in mapping & monitoring etc. If interested to collaborate under any of these calls, please drop me a line on m.gharfalkar@qmul.ac.uk Thanks
Claire Flanagan
Good morning everyone, I am a Senior Innovation Consultant at PNO. We successfully supported a number of clients in previous funding rounds. Very happy to connect on LinkedIn or email with participants who require application support:www.linkedin.com/in/dr-claire-doherty-flanaganclaire.flanagan@pnoconsultants.com
Tom Pope
Hello everyone, we are the Centre for Integrated Pest Management at Harper Adams: https://www.harper-adams.ac.uk/research/cipm/ If you are looking an academic partner we would be delighted to discuss collaboration opportunities.
Beenish luqman
We are working on biofertilizer and would need help with the funding stage. Please stay in touch https://www.linkedin.com/in/beenish-luqman/
Bao Kha Nguyen
Hello everyone, we are Robotics Research Group at the University of Sussex. If you are looking for Robotics or Automation Solutions for your applications, please email me at: b.k.nguyen@sussex.ac.uk. Many thanks!
Tom Allen-Stevens
Hi everyone We are BOFIN British On-Farm Innovation Network. A network of farmers who carry out their own on-farm trials and share the results, seeking a scientifically robust way to progress farm practice. We can get a group of farmers together to trial innovations on farm, co-ordinate this group and manage a knowledge cluster of interested farmers around it + engage the wider farming community. http://bofin.org.uk/ tom@bofin.org.uk
Zoe Stockton
Hi all! We are Antobot, a start-up developing robotics for sustainable agriculture. We have a mobile robot platform and capabilities in autonomous navigation and computer vision with 2 IUK grants on the go at the moment. We’re always happy to hear from potential collaborators! zoe.stockton@antobot.ai and our website www.antobot.ai
Hello everyone, we are LOHAS Recycling. We apply the World’s most advanced enzymes technology to recycle poultry manure and turn it into high quality organic fertiliser. We are looking for partnership with academic to collaborate in this project. Please contact www.lohasrecycling.co.uk or email info@lohasrecycling.com Thank you.
Vicky Robinson
Hi Everyone, I lead the IFM team at LEAF. We have a network of demonstration farms throughout the UK who demonstrate Integrated Farm Management and sustainable agriculture https://leaf.eco/farming/leaf-network Delighted to hear from anyone interested in working together contact dawn.teverson@leaf.eco
Jake Locke
The admin is, of course, important (including in the assessor vid) but perhaps many would find it useful to get a steer on any specific guidance the assessors have been given on what DEFRA is looking for in allocating public money for farming innovation and productivity projects beyond the very general themes. Also, how many assessors are likely to have an entrepreneurial background rather than being an expert or academic?
Peter Stoker
Hi everyone, we are Datamars Livestock UK; A business division of Datamars, Datamars Livestock is a global leader in animal identification products, farm infrastructure products, animal performance and monitoring and animal health delivery products. Datamars Livestock includes globally recognised brands Tru-Test, Speedrite, PEL, Hayes, TagFaster, Z Tags, NJ Phillips and Simcro. Interested in becoming involved in UK projects. peter.stoker@datamars.com
Harry Langford
Hi all. We are Crop Health & Protection Ltd, one of the Agri-Tech Centres for Innovation. We support and run grant and commercial projects across the agri-tech sector, provide access to state-of-the-art innovation infrastructure (including soil health, phenotyping, regen ag machinery, vertical farms and glasshouses), and work with the sector to connect people and build collaborative R&D consortia. We already have a number of successful and active grants within the Farming Innovation Programme and are happy to hear from organisations. Please check out our website https://chap-solutions.co.uk/ and feel free to get in touch. Thanks
Cath Birch
We are AgriFoodX specialising in valorisation of Agri-Food By-Products. If anyone needs a project partner or Project Management please get in touch
Cath Birch
Jonathan Page
Hi everyone - We're Animal Dynamics, an Oxford-based SME developing heavy-lift, bio-inspired UAVs for use in mapping and novel transport/delivery of agricultural products. Please get in touch if you're interested in working together: jonathan.page@animal-dynamics.comwww.animal-dynamics.com
Mangesh Gharfalkar
Good afternoon. Queen Mary University of London can offer research support under theese calls for innovation in the farm sector e.g. use of advanced robotics in fruit picking, sustainable farming, use of sensors & smart technology in improving farm productivity, use of UAVs in mapping & monitoring etc. If interested, please drop me a line on m.gharfalkar@qmul.ac.uk Thanks. Dr Mangesh Gharfalkar, Business Development Manager (S&E)
Emma Lumley
Hi, we are CIEL -one of the world’s foremost farm animal research alliances and a leading membership organisation. We can help build a consortium of collaborative partners and capabilities – from leading academics, multi-nationals, tech providers and world-leading trial facilities. Please take a look at our website for more info: https://www.cielivestock.co.uk/
Beenish luqman
Thank you, Mangesh Gharfalkar, I will be in touch.
Mangesh Gharfalkar
@beenish luqman Most welcome. Look forward to receiving your email
Gianluca Carigi
If you want to cooperate on sustainable fuels (e.g. hydrogen, ammonia and methanol) please can you contact me at gianluca.carigi@mes-international.com
Liangxiu Han
We have been developing Precision agricultural solutions to address food security and mitigation of GHG emissions (using big data/machine learning/AI, Robotics (data ranging from structured and unstructured such satellite, drones, IoT sensors, videos, texts).If you are interested in working together, please get in touch with: Prof. Liangxiu Han, Manchester Metropolitan University l.han@mmu.ac.ukSome of our applications in precision agriculture can be found below•A Robot enabled data driven machine vision tool for nitrogen diagnosis of arable soil using robotics, image processing, big data/machine learning/AI (https://n2visionai.wordpress.com), BBC, Look for East, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIOWOZ23Tjs•Drone-enabled, big data driven crop disease diagnosis and mapping based on image processing, big data/deep learning, cloud computing (https://agrionefarm.wordpress.com)
Anastasios Vasilopoulos
Hi - ENERGINEERING.co.uk is developing a reversible heat-pump /energy storage solution, that optimises the efficiency of thermal processes taking advantage of waste and waste heat (i.e. ideal for for agricultural bulk product drying or HVAC (precision agriculture conditions) maximising efficiency and industrial symbiosis. We are already part of successful Future Farming Projects. Happy to assess and participate in a relevant project/team, probably demonstrating a pilot. Our efficiency (COP-el) can go beyond 10 due to engine/refrigerant combination.